SamFw Frp Bypass tool V2.0 - One Click Remove Samsung FRP

SamFw Frp Bypass tool one Click Remove Samsung FRP the easiest way to unlock FRP on all Samsung phones is the Samfw Frp tool. You can unlock FRP on your Samsung phone. Read the full post on how to unlock with just one click.

SamFw Frp Bypass tool v2.0

Samfw Frp tool is one of the most popular and latest FRP bypass tools of this time which allows you to easily enable the FRP lock of all Samsung phones with ADB *# 0*# code so that you can easily remove the FRP lock of your Samsung phone.  The simplest way to use the code is to go to Samsung Emergency Dial and type *#0* # A new window has opened with the code. While it is in the window, just connect it to your PC and click Remove FRP. The lock will go away with your phone.

You can use the Samfw Frp tool-free on all your Samsung phones Android version 5.0 Lollipop, 6.0 Marshmallow 7.0 Nougat, 8.0, Android 9,10, and Android version 11, and the latest updated Android version 12, you can easily bypass FRP in just 1 min. It is also compatible with Windows 7, 8,10, and 11 (32bit & 64 bit) You can use it easily on your computer or laptop without any hassle.

The use of this tool is very simple, very simple, all you have to do is open the tools on your computer, then after opening, go to your phone's emergency call, dial * # 0 * #, and there will be an interface after dialing, now Connect your phone to the computer One thing to keep in mind at this time is to install the Samsung driver on your PC or computer if you do not have it then add the phone cable to your computer then you can see that your phone driver is seen or got com port. Then in that case you will just click on Remove FRP. You will see that your phone has ADB. You will also be asked to click there. After clicking, FRP will be unlocked on your phone automatically in just a few seconds.

How to use SamFw FRP Tool V2.0

  • Download The SamFw FRP Tool V2.0 Extract & Setup it to Your Computer

Download The SamFw FRP Tool V2.0 Extract & Setup it to Your Computer

  • Install Samsung USB Driver on your Computer or laptop before using the tool
  • Now Open the SamFw FRP Tool
  • see The picture Above listed functions are available on the tool

*#0*# Mode

  • FRP > Remove FRP
  • Factory Reset
  • Disable Knox
  • Change CSC


  • Open Browser
  • Info
  • Factory Reset
  • Reboot


  • ADB FRP (old)
  • ADB FRP (New)

  • First, Connect your Samsung FRP-enabled phone to a WiFi Network.
  • Then go back to the very first welcome screen, tap on Emergency Call
  • Dial *#0*# code
  • The Test Mode will appear
  • Now connect your Samsung Android phone to the PC.

  • Open The SamFw Tool
  • Select the COM Port

  • Click the Remove FRP Section
  • Allow USB Debugging on the Phone & wait for remove FRP lock
  • Select Samsung Setup Wizard.

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SamFw Frp Tool V2.0 Latest Version Free Download 

File Name: SamFw FRP
File Size: 11MB
Compatible OS: Windows 8 (32bit & 64bit), Windows 8.1 (32bit & 64bit), Windows 10, Windows 11 (32bit & 64bit)
Credit: SamFW team
D: SamFw Frp Tool v2.0:MegaLink = Androidfilehost

File NameLink
SamFW V4.4 [Latest]Click Here
SamFW V4.3Click Here
SamFW V4.2Click Here
SamFW V4.1Click Here 
SamFW V4.0Click Here

All Samsung FRP Tool Download Link

  •  ADB Tool (New) Link

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